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Best international stand builder booth builder Europe UK Germany Spain Italy France

The Power of Our People

Who know how to produce results

Best booth builder stand builder Europe UK Germany Spain France England Italy

The Power of Experience

Producing success around the world

Global Experience

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German Standbuilder

Grown Overseas

While many companies establish themselves locally before working internationally, we were the opposite.  More than 40 years ago, we entered the tradeshow industry exclusively assisting clients from Japan when exhibiting overseas.  

Before the era of cell phones, the internet or even personal laptops, we worked and grew in hotels, airports, train stations and exhibition centers across Europe and Asia; relying upon public phones and faxes for communication.  We developed partners who we continue to work with decades later.  We also developed many internal practices during that time that still remain in place to this day regarding communication and partner selection.  In an era where it can be too easy to assume every email, message or chat has been read and understood, it's amazing how procedures from so long ago continue to serve us well.  

When working with us, you can depend upon our world of experience and leave all your worries behind.   

Global People

Tradeshow booths in Europe


There are few, if any, companies in our industry with as diverse a collection of professionals as found here.   Coming from nearly two dozen different countries we speak more than a dozen languages.  

When working overseas the advantage of speaking the local language cannot be overstated.  We're able to develop a closer relationship with local partners, vendors and organizers which often brings better service.  We're able to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication, understand cultural differences and very often get the real "local" price by working with real local suppliers instead of bilingual agencies who often have greatly inflated prices.  At the same time, everyone has the same understanding and expectations regarding quality and service - ensuring that no matter where you go, you can rest assured that you'll get the service and quality you expect.    

Global Network



U.S. office originally established in 2012, relocated to Las Vegas in 2015.  Provides full service across the MICE industry and completed its first general contracting project in Los Angeles in 2019. 

Tradeshow Booths China


Located inside the new gigantic NECC exhibition center.  Provides sales, design and service for projects inbound to and outbound from China. 


A liaison and rep office with Index Holding - industry tradeshow organizer and parent company of our local stand-builder partner and events production company.  Provides sales and support services to our local clients.

Booth Builder Middle East Dubai


Our new sales rep in London has worked for years in the tradeshow industry and will attend to the needs of our European clients and support inbound UK projects.  

Booth Builder Europe, UK, Germany, Spain

Japan Network

Best booth builder stand builder Japan


Founded in 1972 and incorporated in Osaka, Japan in 1980, we have over 40 years of industry experience.  Including a satellite office in Intex Osaka and a printing facility inside Tokyo Big Sight, we've grown to 6 locations and 250+ full-time employees - making us one of the largest stand-builders and MICE industry producers in Japan. 

We're proud to be the general services contractor for over 20 tradeshows a year - the ultimate symbol of dependability, organization, productive capacity and experience.  We're also proud of our high rate of repeat-business and many long-term clients including many tier 1 companies like Canon, Honda, Panasonic, Ricoh and Toyota as well as global show organizers like DMG Events, Informa, REED Exhibitions, and SEMI.   

Our factories outside Osaka and Tokyo both have graphics production capability and our in-house AV production house, Studio Arukas, can produce any content you may need.   

Our event-planning team is ready to handle any event you may have - from a stand-alone product launch to a national roadshow to an incentive or gala to remember. 

And if you're looking to organize a tradeshow or international conference, we have an entire division devoted just to helping you.    

Best Booth Builder Stand Builder Japan Osaka Tokyo Nagoya

        OSAKA HQ

Japan Booth


Best booth builder stand builder event company Japan




Best booth builder stand builder event company Japan Tokyo Osaka Nagoya


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